Join Our Board

In the effort to make a shift in our world - we need to support those in the trenches. Anti-Racism Collaborative is searching for an opportunity to engage supporters to advise and uplift the work of our team to expand and thrive in 2018. We are looking for elders and youth and everyone in between. 

Criteria we are looking for:

  • Folks with non-profit and social justice movement experience exceeding 10 years. 
  • Young leaders who are invested in a future that sees them as assets and gives them the microphone.
  • Elders whose wisdom of experience is an immense gift 
  • Parents who are invested in seeing us bloom into something bold that is multi-generational. 
  • Activists who have taken risks and been brazen and unapologetic about their efforts.

Please email with your interest:

Join Our Team 

As we maintain a deep investment in the integrity of our field, often known as "diversity and inclusion" sector, we wish to shake up the notion of who does this work and how. We also seek to create a mutual support systems and cultures of care that will robustly support the personal development of our trainers and facilitators. 

In 2018 Anti-Racism Collaborative has been growing beyond its current team and the scope of our work is expanded. We actively sought trainers who could join us for this undertaking.  

Our process for accepting trainers is rigorous, intermittent, and we hope for you to share an interest in joining us by checking back on this page for our active search period which will commense in 2019.